Henriette Caillaux, 1874-1943: Behind Every Great Man….

On March 16 1914,  Parisian socialite Henriette Caillaux went to the office of Gaston Calmette, editor of the French journal Le Figaro.  No appointment. Might she be allowed to see him? It was late, but the fellow agreed to the unusual request. How could he help the lady?

She got straight to the point.  From her muff she pulled a Browning automatic and fired four shots into the low-down dirty dog of a journalist.

A passionate woman, clearly. Old fashioned, too.  She was doing no more than standing by her man, her man being the center-left Radical Party politician Joseph Caillaux who was widely expected to be the Prime Minister in the up coming election.

That is, until the papers went to press.

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