Harry Champion,1865-1942; I Am, I Am

The  top-selling pop act in the US in 1965 was not the Beatles, not the Rolling Stones, not Elvis, Frank, or Liberace, but Herman’s Hermits.  Make of that whatever you will, but if you were alive at that time, you will have the have ear-worm of I’m Henry VIII, I Am.

Not one of Peter Noone’s own compositions, of course.  It was Harry Champion’s signature song (written by Fred Murray and R.P. Weston in 1910).  He was also famous for light classics like “Any Old Iron” (see also David Jones before he was a Monkee, and Peter Sellers while he was a Goon).

Born William Henry Crump, Champion started out as apprentice to a boot clicker, but, well, Art was calling for him.  Continue reading