About the blog

The subject is history, the medium is biography.  Since there are more books about, say,  Napoleon and Lincoln than can be read in a lifetime and not a lot that I can add to those conversations anyway,  ahistoryblog will stick to the footnotes of history, people who get left out of the survey courses.  Or names that might ring a bell, but you can’t quite place them.

Put it this way – if you’re a regular reader of obituaries, this may be the place for you.  Difference being, our datelines can go back thousands of years.  Better late than never.

The exception to this rule comes in the book reviews. Publishing being what it is, books necessarily cover better known subjects.  We try to be positive, and take issue only if we believe the facts alleged are just wrong.

Which gets us to the next point – nobody gets everything right, so when you see I’ve made mistakes, please point them out and I’ll correct them.  There’s way too much misinformation in the world as it is, and the last thing I want is to perpetuate any more.  The hope is that anything written here will spark enough interest for the reader to go off and investigate other sources.

Suggestions for subjects are always welcome.